Vera Roos

ORCID 0000-0003-2851-5826
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Vera Roos

Vera Roos is a Professor of Psychology at the North-West University and NRF-rated researcher on level C1. To date she has published and presented widely at various national and international conferences on topics related to enabling contexts, relational psychology, intergenerational relations and the contributions of older persons. Vera's theoretical approach, namely that the broader social environment informs the dynamic processes in complex systems, provided the background for the development of the Mmogo-method®, a projective visual data-collection method and the Self-Interactional Group Theory (SIGT).

As a social gerontologist Vera is especially aware of the implications of the impact of global population ageing. In light of limited resources in the South African context and the exclusive privileges Apartheid accorded white people at all societal and communal levels the majority of older persons find themselves in poorly developed facilitated care or multi-generational community settings. This prompted Vera to conduct the we-DELIVER project with like-minded colleagues.