The Project


Please cite the project for now as:

Roos, Vera; Van der Walt, Anelda; Robertson, Celeste; Bester, Petra; Hoffman, Jaco (2017): we-DELIVER: Holistic service delivery to older people in local government through ICTs - Tirelo Bosha Funding Proposal. figshare.

We will provide updates about suggested citations in due time.


we-DELIVER will generate loads of useful resources. For this reason we created a Figshare repository, where we will be making our digital resources available under Creative Commons licenses where possible. Links to published resources are made available on our Resources Page.

Project Workflow - Tools and Technologies

The we-DELIVER project includes a wide variety of researchers from several research areas as well as students at various levels (undergraduates, postgraduates, as well as postdoctoral research fellows). Project members may only be involved at certain stages depending on their role and expertise. We wanted to create a project where most data (where ethically possible) and information about the process, progress, and other aspects were easily accessible throughout the course of the project rather than a few years later when it's finally published. That would allow project members to spend their time contributing their skills and expertise rather than be caught up in emails or meetings to understand how they can get involved or commence with their work.

The tools that will be used to enable a collaborative environment for a team with diverse research backgrounds and skill sets who are also geographically dispersed are listed and described on our Tools and Technologies Page