Digital Storytelling Can Open Up Your Data

22 May 2017

You are invited to a workshop where Adi Eyal, director of OpenUp, will share their experience regarding the role that effective use of technology and open data can play in making informed decisions to affect change. Kindly distribute to your where applicable.

One of the case studies that will be touched upon in particular is their Living Wage Calculator: that forms part of a larger story around domestic worker wages.

Participants: Workshop is open to all who would like to gain insight into how digital approaches may benefit the way in which data is represented. You are welcome to share this invite with your colleagues.

About OpenUp

OpenUp believes that an equal society starts with equal access to information, and that access to relevant information creates an active citizenry. You cannot change something if you don’t know what it is, how it works, or that it even exists. This is why we are opening data. And then building tools to make the data available and understandable to society.

This workshop is organised by NWU Digital Humanities in collaboration with the we-Deliver* project