we-DELIVER will generate loads of useful resources. For this reason we created a Figshare repository, where we will be making our digital resources available under Creative Commons licenses where possible. The following resources are now available:

Resource Name Description Link
we-DELIVER Funding Proposal The funding proposal with some ammendments to comply with research requirements of the NWU. Access proposal in Figshare
we-DELIVER project slide This slide can be included in presentations given about the we-DELIVER project. Download .pptx format
Guidelines for developing open access presentations Follow these guidelines to prepare slides that can be published on the we-DELIVER project site View guide
Video 1: Defining the Problem Get to know the we-DELIVER project teams, our communities, and our vision Video 1 (7:35 min)
Video 2: Sustainable Communities Understanding the interplay between universities and communities Video 2 (5:25 min)
Video 3: Serving Communities we-DELIVER is a collaboration across all three campuses of NWU Video 3 (4:59 min)
Service Delivery to Older People – Relevant Rights and Duties in Terms of South African Local Government Law This short paper provides an introductory overview of the legal duties and rights that frame service delivery to older people in South Africa. It is based on a review of primary legal sources. Figshare Document