we-DELIVER will generate loads of useful resources. For this reason we created a Figshare repository, where we will be making our digital resources available under Creative Commons licenses where possible. The following resources are now available:

Resource Name Description Link
we-DELIVER Funding Proposal The funding proposal with some ammendments to comply with research requirements of the NWU. Access proposal in Figshare
we-DELIVER project slide This slide can be included in presentations given about the we-DELIVER project. Download .pptx format
Guidelines for developing open access presentations Follow these guidelines to prepare slides that can be published on the we-DELIVER project site View guide
Video 1: Defining the Problem Get to know the we-DELIVER project teams, our communities, and our vision Video 1 (7:35 min)
Video 2: Sustainable Communities Understanding the interplay between universities and communities Video 2 (5:25 min)
Video 3: Serving Communities we-DELIVER is a collaboration across all three campuses of NWU Video 3 (4:59 min)